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Exhibition Planning Services

Pars Rastak company began its work with the aim of holding exhibitions and conferences in 1992, as a pioneer of exhibition and conference industry, we have managed to host over 160 domestic and international exhibition and conferences in over 20 foreign countries and cities in IRAN.
Our biggest goal over the years has been to introduce the product and services of Iranian companies through the creation of an appropriate platform for export and entry into global market, also we can provide full services for foreign companies that are interested to enter Iranian market, increase success rate, and reduce initial investment, event management and corporate seminar.


Name: Mahdi Saeedozakerin
Date of birth: 1959/03/12
Place of birth: Tabriz
Master of public administration
Bachelor of business administration from Tehran University
Parliamentary and public activities:
1. Assistant director of investment in Chabahar’s free zone from 2004 to 2007
2. Director of public relations and cultural affairs of Islamic parliament of Iran from 1982 to 1994
3. Head of administrative organization in Islamic Parliament of Iran from 1990 to 1994
Private sector activities (Pars Rastak Company):
1. Executive manager and head of the board in research and services conferences and exhibitions Pars Rastak Company from 1994 until today
2. Management of holding international and specialized exhibitions of I.R.I
3. Organizing foreign and local exhibitions
4. Management of domestic and international meetings
5. Organizer of B2B meetings inside and outside of the country
6. Consultation for export, import and marketing
7. Honorary business consult in Thailand export organization under the ministry of commerce in Thailand
8. Official agent of Pardis Technology Park and provider of leasing and guarantee services


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